I will have to write a book about Geocaching one day

We scouted around a dead tree trunk, a huge fallen log and a couple of rocks, but could not find it. The drizzle grew heavier, but we were reluctant to leave defeated. Then, we walked a few steps further and found what we were looking for in a fork of a tree. The fork was festooned with ivy, and the container was wreathed with a sprig of plastic leaves to help it blend in. We glanced furtively in the direction of the car guard, checked that there were no shoppers nearby and pulled out the tightly-rolled paper. We added our user names and date to the log. Our mission had been a success


I heard about Geocaching a few years ago, and thought it was definitely something I would like to try one day. The treasure hunting nature of it appealed to me, but life got busy and I forgot about it.
A friend later introduced me to someone she said was a “very nice guy”, and when I did a reconnaissance onto his Facebook profile, I saw that he was interested in Geocaching. For one of our early dates, we found a few in the Midmar Dam area, but never got around to logging them in.
Fast forward two years later, and the very nice guy has turned out to be a super wonderful guy, and we decided to go Geocaching again. Well rather, I dragged him outdoors on a drizzly, chilly day because I needed some fresh air after having been stuck indoors at work all week, and he chose Geocaching as a worthy goal while we were braving the elements.
We found one out of four in a mountain bike track area, and that wasn’t for a lack of searching. But it renewed our interest, and made us determined to hide our own treasures, once we came up with clever riddles and interesting containers.

Geocaching was started around the year 2000 
after satellite technology had improved so much
that it made it exponentially easier to use
GPS signals to find coordinates.
There are geocaches with clues or treasure maps,
ones with complicated maths sums and those
that are in crazy places.
Some containers are very hard to find,
because they are designed to blend in with their surroundings.

Geocaching is a pastime that appeals to people who love technology, and the thrill of a treasure hunt.

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