I’m back in the world of publishing

Finally, The Ripmender is once more back for sale on Amazon.


The Ripmender by [Alcott, Julianne]

It’s very different this time…

The two other times I was concerned with publishing, I was with a publishing company. I think I was more freaked out about signing the contract than anything else. I even got a lawyer acquaintance to have a look at the first one.

When one is with a publisher, things like formatting and DPI doesn’t concern you. They sort the cover out. They load the book onto Amazon. They have to worry about the margins on Createspace.

Now I’m doing it all myself… well with almost zero budget, I have to. A slow process of trial and error. Of trying for six months to find a font for the cover, only to go back to my original one, because it was the one I liked the best.

My task this week is to sort out the Createspace formatting, which fills me with dread, but I will soldier on. After all, writing for a writer is like breathing, and one needs to breathe different kinds of air.



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