Write it down!

I have just had a very exciting experience…

My publisher asked me to fill in an information form, so that they can start working on my book cover.

They asked questions like the time frame of the story, and how old my characters are. There was a time that I would have known that immediately, but I haven’t looked at that particular book for about 6 months, and I suddenly realised how fuzzy my memories were!

If I hadn’t put everything that happened in my story into a calendar while writing it, I would have been totally thrown by the time frame question.

And while my female lead character says her age on page 2, I would have had to search long and hard for my male lead’s age at the start of the story.

I would have thought that my book was like my child… unforgettable. But I was obviously over-estimating my powers of memory.  So now I know that I mustn’t assume  that I will remember all those details months down the line.

Write it down!

A good lesson to learn as I start on a Young adult sci-fi series, where I have to create a whole nation and record their history and their culture. I will really need to make copious notes, and put them somewhere that I will find them in a year’s time…

So happy writing, and don’t forget all those little details. You never know when you might need them!

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  1. I always have a special note book for each story I have, I mainly did that to add and accumulate my ideas for each book, but it came in handy when I did the cover and the poster.
    Best of luck with your newborn book.

    1. I used to have a notebook, but I find that I often have ideas in odd places… like running from a gym class to the showers, so I’d scribble the idea on any little paper I could scrounge. So I made each book have its own plastic folder (with a press stud) so that I can add my bits pf paper and pamphlets etc. I still have a notebook for my handbag. What kind of writing do you do?

      1. I published this year a fiction thriller, I am writing an inspirational story now, and another fiction thriller… but I also have ideas in my notes with many genres like romance or YA… I write what ever good idea that sparks in my mind.
        What about you?

        1. Well done for getting published. Not so easy to do!

          I also have copious notes for many different genres. I certainly have never had the problem of not having any ideas.
          At the moment I’m writing a sci-fi series, but I’m also quite a bit through a chef story.

          I like exploring different genres, but I always have romance in them. Can’t help myself!

          What is your inspirational story about?

          I’ll go onto your blog soon, which will probably answer all my questions. I have to finish my last edition of a writing magazine that I used to edit, and then hopefully I will have more time for writing stuff.

          1. No book is purely a single genre, and having more ingredients is always good for the story and the reader, Good luck with your sci-fi series, it sounds really interesting.
            My inspirational story is a fiction one, based on a true event happened in south africa, I won’t be talking about it yet in my blog, I posted some quotes from that story on my facebook page, but nothing more. Only the last chapter remains, once I’m done with my exams next week, I’ll be pouring myself into my books.
            If you want to know about my new fiction thriller, you can download a 16 pages sample chapters from my website: http://www.psychs.wix.com/ahamin
            Its about a man who has eight spirits connected to him by the tragic event of his birth, and during events shaping his life, he will chose to be a soldier of fortune, using those spirits in tactics and collecting information for him… its a sci fi thriller and it also has romance in it too, I couldn’t help myself either 🙂
            All the best with your writing.

          2. Your book sounds interesting.

            What South African event are you writing about?
            I live in SA.

            My writing buddy and I were having a very interesting discussion today about what makes something Sci fi or fantasy. She said that in her way of thinking, Star Wars is just as much a fantasy as Lord of the Rings.

            I’m confused about my own novel. I’m trying to make it as if it could actually happen, but it’s still quite fantastical… but fun to do!

          3. When it comes to genre, I am as confused as you… more than one genre can apply to many. For me, only two exist, a good book, and a bad one 😛
            It is fascinating that you are doing; trying to make your book as something that may happen is an indication of a good read to come.
            Well, the event is the first time suicide whales came to shore in SA long ago. And ever since, it happens every year… no one knows why… I made some research because I was curious, and I think now I know why… it shows how people can learn from fictional stories so many things, even scientific stuff can be inspired from such fantasy.
            I’m glad we are having these conversations from time to time, we are forming a writers guild, I may one day ask you from where to get some historical information about SA if I needed to obtain any. Feel free to ask me for anything.

          4. I have heard about the whale beaching.
            Something that fascinates me about SA ocean life is that False Bay seems to be the only place in the world (according to a documentary I saw) where sharks jump out the water while catching prey. It was quite freaky to stand on Muizenberg Beach and watch surfers who were really close to Seal Island where the breeching happens.

            I’d love to help you, but my SA history is quite sketchy. I’m too young to remember any of the huge events, and things like apartheid. It was happening, but it wasn’t a part of my life at all. I just went to school, watched TV and read, and that was me.

            Which country do you live in?

          5. Well… originally Kuwait, Iraqi nationality from my father’s side, but I am doing my senior year in Egypt, and hopefully, my masters will be in Germany.
            We are some how neighbors for now. 🙂
            But to be honest, I don’t think I belong to any, which makes me belong to all.

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