I have just had a very exciting experience…

My publisher asked me to fill in an information form, so that they can start working on my book cover.

They asked questions like the time frame of the story, and how old my characters are. There was a time that I would have known that immediately, but I haven’t looked at that particular book for about 6 months, and I suddenly realised how fuzzy my memories were!

If I hadn’t put everything that happened in my story into a calendar while writing it, I would have been totally thrown by the time frame question.

And while my female lead character says her age on page 2, I would have had to search long and hard for my male lead’s age at the start of the story.

I would have thought that my book was like my child… unforgettable. But I was obviously over-estimating my powers of memory. Β So now I know that I mustn’t assume Β that I will remember all those details months down the line.

Write it down!

A good lesson to learn as I start on a Young adult sci-fi series, where I have to create a whole nation and record their history and their culture. I will really need to make copious notes, and put them somewhere that I will find them in a year’s time…

So happy writing, and don’t forget all those little details. You never know when you might need them!