Cathy Slater learns that her hero, the dynamic young rock star, Nathan Jake, is not what he appears to be…

For months, this novel has been bursting to come out and live. Trapped in my mind, it filled my every waking second. It knocked at the inside of my head and pleaded to be let out.

And now it is finished…

There still needs to be editing and adding of detail, but the main body is done and typed up, and at last I can have peace. My characters are living, my plot readable. “The Ripmender” is finally a novel.


I have sent it out to various people to read. I have never written sci-fi before, so I need to know that I’m on the right track. So far I have had good feedback.

One of the ladies said, “You look so ordinary on the outside. I can’t believe that all that is in your head!”

Now I’m working on book number 2… and 3… and 4… and 5. That’s the interesting thing about a series. You need to know what happens in book 5, so that you can start to put the necessary information in book 1.

My passing comment about a poster on my main character’s wall will become very important in book number 4, which takes place three years later.

I’m also suddenly faced with the necessity to create new worlds, and histories of nations and beings that are only to be found in my imagination. I feel very Tolkien-like, as I fill a blank exercise book with ideas, that are so far removed from my usual realistic common-sense outlook to life.

That’s the beauty of writing. It can be the catalyst that makes us a very different person to the one that existed before. I know that I will be a far richer person in those qualities that matter, because of The Ripmender, and all that it has brought to my life.