It was with great sadness that I read about Nora Ephron on Facebook today.

She was one of the people who inspired my writing from far away. I have watched the director’s commentary of “You’ve Got Mail” many times, and if I ever realise my dream of going to NYC, I will definitely visit places like Cafe Lallo.

She made me aware of the importance of structure in writing.

She taught me the very vital lesson about being a writer… which was taught to her by her parents. “Everything is copy”. Everything, no matter how bad, can be written about.

If it can be written about, it can be worked through.It is a form of therapy, when we use bad experiences in our writing, and even heartbreak can seem to have a point if we can find something constructive about it.

That helped me through the really awful parts of my life, and made it seem like none of them were a waste, because good could come out of them.

Thank you Nora Ephron for the inspiration!