So here I am, waiting to hear from publishers again.

It’s quite a process to sift through a publisher’s website and see if they match your novel. Then, to go through every detail of their submissions guide to make sure that you haven’t left anything out… and they are all different. 

Some want a one page synopsis, others a ten page detailed one. A few want the whole manuscript, and most only the first 3 chapters, or no chapters.

I discovered that most Young Adult/New Adult publishers want a book at least 50 000 words long, and my Sci-fi one is only 42 000 words. I thought it would be easy to slot in 7000, but it is proving quite difficult. I found it easier to remove 30 000 words from my first novel.

So I am at home now, in the middle of the day, booked off sick by my doctor, trying to add a whole lots of extra somethings to a story, while my head is all fuzzy and I’m feeling tired just writing this blog.  

And I can’t even make this flu experience part of my story!