I watched the first episode of the first season of Sex and the City with some friends last night. We could all identify with how it started.

Single woman meets single guy. They have an instant connection. They spend time together. He hints at a future together. And then he disappears. Never calls. Probably acts like she is an insane stalker if she tries to get a reason out of him.

It is all too common. By the way, I do agree that there are women who do the same thing to men. It’s just that I have never experienced that personally.

So the women in the TV series decide to take control of their lives. Men will no longer treat them like they don’t matter, because they are going to treat men like they don’t matter.
This is a good plan if it actually worked.
The problem is that women are not men. We aren’t built emotionally to be like men. It’s very difficult for all the women I know to have a consumer attitude to relationships… Pick them up, use them, discard them.

We fall in love too easily, and we aren’t satisfied with cold interludes that have no real feeling. We long to be connected. To know that the person we are with loves us, and cares about us.

And so we drift from one relationship to the next, hoping that this one will be different.Slowly losing hope that there actually is anything real out there.

And still, despite all my experiences, I still haven’t given up on love. And so I hope…