“I saw a guy who is just your type,” a sales rep friend of mine said one Monday evening. “You must come and check him out.”

It was during a five second break between tracks at our weekly Zumba session at gym. Understandably, I didn’t have much breath to object with.

2013 has been a hard year on my heart, and I’m on a voluntary man-break at the moment. I’m trying to edit a novel, and learn for exams; I don’t need even a whiff of a relationship to complicate things.

But in the end, I agreed to go with her, mostly for the fun of a mini road trip with a friend than anything else.

I spent a few minutes considering what I would wear. What does one wear to a mini check-out session? I didn’t want to put too much effort into it, but I obviously wanted to look decent, just in case…

Jeans and a T-shirt would be suitable, I decided, and not my new dress. But on the morning of the reconnaissance mission, I had a 5am plumbing emergency and was late for work and had to drive in the pouring rain, so I decided to wear my new dress, just to cheer myself up.

And the guy was my type.

Cute, sweet, funny, good morals. I learned quite a bit about him as we chatted in the workshop. I also learned quite a bit about the uses of metal detectors in the export business. Did you know that you can’t export anything to do with foodstuffs unless they have passed a metal detector test? Companies like Ouma Rusks use them in their factories to make their biscuits safe for consumers.

I also had a lesson in Rare Earth magnets from China. They are very strong, and I dutifully prised one of them off a metal cupboard as instructed by the cute, sweet mister.

All in all, I had a pleasant time. My friend really can spot my type of man.

There was just one tiny detail that I told her as we were reversing out the factory parking lot to go home. Next time she did this, it would be advisable to check if the man was wearing a wedding ring before we went all the way there to check him out!