If you ever want random strangers taking photos of you, then go to the local shop dressed as a zombie.

We don’t do that under normal circumstances, but it was part of a special occasion. A charity was holding a running event with a difference, to raise funds.

It took place at the Blue Lagoon in Durban. Runners paid to do the circuit, with flags attached to their persons, while other people paid to dress as zombies, and jump out at them. The idea was that the runners were supposed to make it past the zombies with their flags intact.

 My friends and I didn’t actually take part in the race, but went along to support fellow zombies, and dressed up as part of the fun. We got together early in the morning to make fake blood and zombiefy our clothes. Apparently I am very good at ripping T-shirts.

It was truly a bizarre morning, surrounded by incredibly tanned and buff runners, and vast quantities of the Undead.

It was an amazing atmosphere though. Everyone was friendly. Jogging stories and zombie make-up tips were shared, and everyone bonded over the strange situation we had in common.

And afterwards, when my friends and I had lunch in a Florida Road restaurant, and bought hiking supplies at a nearby shop, we became celebrities. I suppose its not often that four undead people drop in for a toasted sandwich!

I’m the little one with the black shirt 🙂