Last night I spent the evening doodling over my blog theme. There are plenty to choose from, but there’s nothing that fits me exactly. But then again, I’ve always been difficult to fit into a box…

I have a scientific mind that likes order and logic and rules. But every so often, I do something completely spontaneous.

I’m a very random housekeeper, but sometimes I have a cleaning day when I just scrub everything and restore order. I’m apparently borderline Type A perfectionist, but I’m also a daydreamer.

I’m an adult romance novelist, but I also write science-fiction for young adults. Finding a blog theme that fits those two is very difficult.

Roses and galaxies. Lace and aliens.

Then I had a look at John Flanagan’s Rangers Apprentice website.

Very inspiring! And I thought that’s what I want to do with the Ripmender books. I want to have a place where readers can get in-depth character profiles, and background, and maps etc. I love maps, and I always love stories that had maps and other information in them.

So I decided that I would leave my blog as something nice but neutral, and just make a separate blog/website for The Ripmender and do it properly.

So here it is…
Check it out at:

And now I have to start adding things to the site. Interesting things are to come…