I’ve realised this week that I am a visual writer. That is, I need visual aids to help me write better. I think it’s probably because I love movies, and naturally see things first, and then want to describe them in words afterwards.

I have come to a traffic jam in writing my latest novel, but (as always) I have a plan. I have identified three areas that I need to sort out visually, to make the task of writing easier.


So, firstly, I need to find a picture of the interior of a mansion in the UK. My friend Nicole (one of my wonderful supporters) took a photo of a stately, yet mysterious house near where she is staying in Bournemouth.

Now what I need to do is find a picture of the interior of a mansion, so that I can picture my characters inside it. I collected a whole lot of interiors of houses from magazines a few years ago, and hopefully, one of those will spark my imagination.

Secondly, I need facts about New York in1912 for my spot of time travel. I intend to collect sections of information on a large piece of cardboard, and attach it to my wall. Things like fashion, popular songs, food and events. Did you know that a building caught fire in January, and might have been the leading news story of the year in New York if Titanic hadn’t sunk!

Check it out here…


The third thing I need to do is going to happen this weekend. Me and three friends are camping in (co-incidentally) the same area as my fictional kidnapping is taking place. I will be able to plan it so much better once I am actually standing on the path they were standing when it happened.

So… I have my plan, and I need to execute it.

But first, I have to start packing…  Or I’ll end up in a tent with no bedding, which I won’t be able to find in the dark in the first place, because I’ve also forgotten my glasses!