I’m sure there are women who study battle plans, but I am not one of them. I usually skim over those parts of a story, and cover my eyes if I’m watching a movie with a battle in it. Even Gerard Butler couldn’t keep me glued to the screen during 300!

So here I am having to write my own battle scene for the third in the Ripmender series. The only way I’m going to be able to do it is to study historic battles, and see how other people do it in books. The final battle at Hogwarts is a good example. Have it in a familiar place. and make sure you kill someone the audience will miss.

John Flanagan’s Rangers Apprentice series has put all my efforts to shame so far. After reading the 12 books in that series, and the three in the Brotherband series, I feel the need to up my game, and come up with something a bit better than “shoot the bad guy”.

I have been Googling all about sieges today. I must really put my own Murder Alley somewhere in the design of my battle place. I can design futuristic catapults and arrows and bombers. It’s science fiction; I can pretty much think of anything, and say it’s borrowed alien technology. Who knows what they’re using in the Andromeda Galaxy!

I am really out my comfort zone here, but it’s going to be fun. And I get to watch the sexy archer in black leather from The Avengers all over again 🙂


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