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Scarlett’s Biography1368534337

Scarlett Van Dijk was born in 1993 in Geelong, Victoria, before soon moving to South Australia. Her love of writing grew during her time at Wilderness  School, with her first novel, Sky Stone, begun at the age of fifteen. After graduating high school, Scarlett entered the University of South Australia studying the Bachelor of Medical Radiations (Medical Imaging) and will complete the degree this year (2014). While editing Sky Stone, Scarlett began writing the second book in the Sky Stone series, titled Guardian Core. Scarlett’s love for creative writing is accompanied
by an interest in martial arts, reading, and desktop publishing.
Learn more about Scarlett and her writing at http://www.scarlettvandijk.com.

Guardian Core Blurb:

Just when Skyla thinks she can get a break she is dragged into a major project which could make the future for all Sky Guardians. With the discovery of a previous Phoenix she finds that she may be met by a tragic fate. With her biggest weakness exposed she finds her duties increasingly difficult and those around her begin to doubt her abilities as she is pushed to her limit. Skyla is pushed from one issue to next seemingly without end, all the while a greater danger approaches all Sky Guardians. Can she get her act together before it destroys them all?

Thanks so much for tagging me, Scarlett!

Please meet my character, Cathy, the main character from my series The Ripmender.

When and where is your story set? 

My story begins in Serenity, a fictional town near the mountains of the South African Drakensberg, and follows me to Durban, a secret base in Antarctica and several other strange places that are truly ‘out of this world’.

What should we know about you?

I’m seventeen and I’m invisible. Well not really, but it feels like it sometimes. I’m the plain one. The only artist in a family of sports nuts. The ugly duckling among toned swans. I don’t fit in anywhere.

My life would be perfect if I could only be with my true love…

He is Nathan Jake. Famous US rock star. Eighteen years old. Gorgeous.

Just looking at him makes my heart beat a hundred times faster. When he starts to sing, the world around me disappears, and it’s just him, telling me how much he loves me. I know that if he knew me, he would make me the most important person in his life.

What is screwing up your life? 

The fact that I have never met my true love screwed up my plans for my life quite a bit! I was a nobody, and the chances of him even finding out about my existence was almost impossible.

But then I did meet him, and he tried to kill me.

You see, I discovered something that he concealed from the rest of the world, so he was trying to silence me. Nathan isn’t an ordinary human being, or even the rock star that millions of girls swoon over. Nathan is a Ripmender.

You know the aliens that everyone tells us are out there somewhere? Well they haven’t stopped by for tea, or to destroy the White House, because Ripmenders stop them.

So suddenly the guy that I had been crushing on for a large part of my life was suddenly not who I thought he was, and my life changed from that instant. It became even more screwed up than it already was.

What is your goal? 

I would like to belong somewhere, and I want to belong to Nathan. My latest goal is to stay alive, and help defeat a very nasty person whom I have had the misfortune to meet. World peace would be a nice goal, but I’d settle for the world not to blow up.

What is the title of your book? 

You can read all about my adventures with Nathan and a few other strange characters in my book called The Ripmender.

So, when will the book be published?

The Ripmender was published as an E-book in May 2014 and is available from Amazon.

Further adventures are hopefully on their way soon in my second and third book.

And now for the writers who will be continuing with this blog hop…

Cristy Zinn

Cristy is a writer enthralled by stories involving the fantastic – technological and magical.  During the day she works as a graphic designer and obsesses over fonts. When she isn’t working or writing, she dabbles at sketching and songwriting. She is an unashamed book nerd, which is why having her name on the spine of one is such a big deal. She lives in Durban with her husband and two children who graciously endure her obsession with stories.

You can visit her blog at www.cristyzinn.com

 BOOK BLURB: The Dreamer’s Tears

Once, Newton was a town savaged by Knightmares but nowadays it is protected from the dark-winged, fire-breathing horses by the Master of Transformations and his incredible tower. Now Knightmares are stories, and the ritual of transformation a mere formality. But Knightmares are making appearances again and people are growing nervous. When Ivy is chosen as the first Apprentice to the Master, she is certain that a girl obsessed with sketching Knightmares, is not the right person to protect the town from them.

Ivy is sent to live with Master Borinvere to begin her training. He is not what she imagined – kind, inventive, mischevious… and full of secrets. His secrets are about to cost the town dearly.

When the tower fails to transform, Ivy has to work with someone she barely trusts and she soon discovers that she is the perfect person to get a new perspective on an old problem and find a way to destroy the Knightmares for good.

This story is an adventure about curiosity and courage – a great read for 10-14 year olds.