This post is very different to the one I had intended to write this week.

My last post was about my great outdoor adventure that was planned for this weekend. I was packed and ready.I had made my super duper energy bars with honey and peanut butter, peanuts, sunflowers seeds and shards of dark chocolate. I had stocked up on warm clothes, and had bought everything on the energy-producing menu that my boyfriend and I had planned.

And then came the unforseen circumstance. I woke up with a fever, sore throat and an achey body, and realised to my dismay that I had the flu.

My GP once asked me if I am exposed to germs at all, and I had burst out laughing. I have a child in primary school who brings germs home every day, and I work in a primary school. So effectively, I am constantly surrounded by germs. And on top of that, the lady who handles all the first aid for the school works in the library with me, so the germs literally come to me.

So there I was on Wednesday morning trying to make myself get out of bed, while thinking how I could possible get rid of the flu by 7am Saturday morning. Paying a visit to my GP resulted in a mega member of the antibiotic world. Two tablets that are supposed to go straight into the body tissues, and make one feel like Wonder Woman in the matter of hours.

My doctor was very encouraging about my camping trip. He said that my lungs were unaffected, and that it was a long weekend. I should go and enjoy myself. The problem was that I’m sure he had a different view of camping to the one that I was going to have.

He probably pictured deck chairs clustered around a fire, with a group of conented people blissfully sipping sherry under the stars, and braai-ing marshmallows on glowing embers. I’m sure he did not fully comprehend the hike I was supposed to take. Walking for six to eight hours, struggling under a heavy back pack, and sleeping somewhere on a mountain slope with no sign of bathroom facilities or a warm blanket.

The tablet did make me feel prettty good… On Saturday afternoon.

By Friday night, I was still feeling achey, grotty and sniffly, and wanted nothing more than to cuddle my boyfirend on his couch and watch the next episode of Journeyman.

I could still have gone, but I didn’t want to make myself sicker, and ruin it for my friends if I couldn’t make it all the way. And I wanted to save myself the extreme embarrassment of being rescued by the mountain rescue team that my boyfriend volunteers for!

And alas, that was the end of my wild outdoor adventure.

But there will be other weekends and other adventures. And the mega antibiotic kicked in just in time to give me an awesome normal lovely weekend with the man I love. So all is good in the end.