For three years, my life has been controlled by assignments, exams and summarising long, complicated textbooks. I burned the midnight oil, taxed my already overtaxed brain, and worried about what i would do if the institution lost my assignment, or gave me someone else’s mark (which has happened to other people)

Finally, I think I’m finished! And finally I can go back to being myself again.

You see, I am a writer, and for those three years, I thought it was honourable to my school, my family and my future that I do as well in my studies as I possibly can. In between being a mother and a girlfriend and having a full time job, there wasn’t much time to write.

I made notes on each book that I was working on, and
managed to write two acover new 8 invertednd a half books in that time. At last, I can give them all my attention.

I love my characters. They’ve been with me through all my woes, and I have seen them through adventures, loss, heartbreak and joy. They have been all over the world, and all over the universe, fighting for the safety of all those on our planet. They are ordinary people who have found themselves in unusual circumstances, where all they could do was hide their heads and give up, or stand up and be counted.

All of us face those challenges in big or small ways. I see my characters grow through the book series, and I have seen myself grow as well, from a scared person starting again in life, to a woman who finally knows what it is like to be truly loved.

I hope you will get to know my characters in the next few months. I’m busy working on my launch plan and my cover, and soon I will set them free to make new friends.

It’s time for me to get back on the horse and start typing…