It’s almost time to put my first novel, The Ripmender, back online. Well, once I have sorted out the rather scary tax details on Amazon.

I went to the financial lady at work and asked her what my TIN is. “Your what?” is of course what she asked me, because it seems like a strange thing to throw into normal conversation.

I explained that it’s a Tax Identification Number, and that Amazon needs that for me to be able to upload my books. We don’t seem to call it a TIN in South Africa, so after explaining to her exactly what I was looking for, she pointed me in the right direction on my IRP form, which will hopefully solve the scary tax form problem.

Part of the new start to my writing is getting my own domain. I intend to make my blog posts much more interesting than they were while I was studying, and I plan to have a lot more novels on offer as well in the near future.

I would love it if you would join me in my new home at…


And here is my new cover… Looking forward to seeing you on the other side.