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Re-launching The Ripmender

So after a hectic year of studying and making a go of a promotion at work, I am at last working on re-launching The Ripmender. It's a fun story, and I have enjoyed creating new worlds and unusual characters, and... Continue Reading →

Cover Design

An amazing part of any writer's life is when the publisher says that it is now time for the cover of their book to be designed. At first, I thought that I really didn't have any preferences, but then I... Continue Reading →

I thought a contract meant something…

I really did! When I signed a contract with a publisher, I thought it gave me some kind of promise.But, they informed me recently that they are focusing their efforts on a writer with existing readership, and that the rest of us with... Continue Reading →

Getting it right…

I'm sure you know the feeling. You've almost finished writing your novel. It has been months, maybe years, and finally it is typed up and ready for the final "The End". But something bugs you. There is one little detail... Continue Reading →

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