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Re-designing The Ripmender Cover

I was very excited to look on my online university website under "Academic progress" and see the words... Final Year Student under my name. I still have to pass three subjects, one of them being Curriculum Designing. This sounded interesting, but is... Continue Reading →

Character Blog Hop. Introducing Cathy (Book: The Ripmender)

I was tagged by the lovely and photogenic Scarlett Van Dijk.  You can find the post about her character here: Scarlett's Biography Scarlett Van Dijk was born in 1993 in Geelong, Victoria, before soon moving to South Australia. Her... Continue Reading →

My novel cover is ready! Novel to follow on the 6th May.

When love seems far away

I often think that I should blog more, but the thought of what on earth I'm going to write stops me before I can click on WordPress in my bookmarks list. I always think that I should write something profound,... Continue Reading →

A Photo trip

I am really enjoying this blog, and the extra pages I can add onto it! One of the marketing staff from my publisher (Sunpenny) has asked me to send her photos of the places in my book, so that she... Continue Reading →

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