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New Beginnings…

It's almost time to put my first novel, The Ripmender, back online. Well, once I have sorted out the rather scary tax details on Amazon. I went to the financial lady at work and asked her what my TIN is.... Continue Reading →

Re-designing The Ripmender Cover

I was very excited to look on my online university website under "Academic progress" and see the words... Final Year Student under my name. I still have to pass three subjects, one of them being Curriculum Designing. This sounded interesting, but is... Continue Reading →

Six Things to do When Your Ex and His New Girlfriend Join Your Gym

Number 1:  Think he’s checking you out because he wants to get back together with you. This is unfortunately the reaction we get when we’ve been watching too many romance movies. Number 2: Find another gym Are you kidding! You’ve... Continue Reading →

“Tame the Crazy” in our relationships

I'm a big fan of the book "He's Just Not That into You". I love their catch phrase "Don't waste the Pretty". I have come up with one of my own catch phrases from watching my behaviour, and the behaviour... Continue Reading →

A Tiny Detail

 “I saw a guy who is just your type,” a sales rep friend of mine said one Monday evening. “You must come and check him out.”It was during a five second break between tracks at our weekly Zumba session at... Continue Reading →

Just the way you are

"I like you," said Mark Darcy to Bridget Jones. “Just as you are.”That was one of the most talked about movie lines in my experience. Women could not stop exclaiming over a man who would like a slightly overweight thirty-something... Continue Reading →

Being single

I watched the first episode of the first season of Sex and the City with some friends last night. We could all identify with how it started. Single woman meets single guy. They have an instant connection. They spend time... Continue Reading →

Online Attraction

So last week I did something I said I would not do... I joined an online dating site. One of those over 35 ones that keep popping up on my Facebook newsfeed. “Join for free” it said. So I loaded... Continue Reading →

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