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New Beginnings…

It's almost time to put my first novel, The Ripmender, back online. Well, once I have sorted out the rather scary tax details on Amazon. I went to the financial lady at work and asked her what my TIN is.... Continue Reading →

My novel cover is ready! Novel to follow on the 6th May.

Starting the Journey

My hands shake a little as I type this.┬áMy heart has suddenly slowed down.My head feels a little fuzzy...Okay, the fuzziness could be because of the sip of sherry I had about ten minutes ago, but more likely, it is... Continue Reading →

Synopses / synopseses / synopsi

Okay, so I have no idea how to spell the plural of "synopsis"!But I have to do them... I am almost ready to send my second novel to my publisher to have a look at. It will be the first... Continue Reading →

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