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New Beginnings…

It's almost time to put my first novel, The Ripmender, back online. Well, once I have sorted out the rather scary tax details on Amazon. I went to the financial lady at work and asked her what my TIN is.... Continue Reading →

Re-designing The Ripmender Cover

I was very excited to look on my online university website under "Academic progress" and see the words... Final Year Student under my name. I still have to pass three subjects, one of them being Curriculum Designing. This sounded interesting, but is... Continue Reading →

Re-launching The Ripmender

So after a hectic year of studying and making a go of a promotion at work, I am at last working on re-launching The Ripmender. It's a fun story, and I have enjoyed creating new worlds and unusual characters, and... Continue Reading →

When your novel first goes into the world…

This is a momentous day! The publisher has said that it is time to release my novel into the world. Well at least a few chapters of it. I had never heard of Wattpad until recently. Apparently it is a... Continue Reading →

Cover Design

An amazing part of any writer's life is when the publisher says that it is now time for the cover of their book to be designed. At first, I thought that I really didn't have any preferences, but then I... Continue Reading →

Too busy to get published…

I have actually found a publisher who is interested in my science fiction novel... I should be ecstatic. Yes, they do require me to make some changes, and have sent me notes on how to improve it, with an offer... Continue Reading →

A Cure for Writer’s Block

It started around August 2012. I had a bad year, filled with all those things that are supposed to be the most stressful situations in life. You know... divorce, losing a job, losing a home, losing loved ones. Having to... Continue Reading →


So here I am, waiting to hear from publishers again.It's quite a process to sift through a publisher's website and see if they match your novel. Then, to go through every detail of their submissions guide to make sure that... Continue Reading →

I thought a contract meant something…

I really did! When I signed a contract with a publisher, I thought it gave me some kind of promise.But, they informed me recently that they are focusing their efforts on a writer with existing readership, and that the rest of us with... Continue Reading →

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