Settings are such an important part of a novel. Many places that I have been to, or have only seen on the internet have inspired the settings on this book.


Durban is the nearest big city where I live. I didn’t attend the University but plenty of my friends did.

Howard College, University of KZN
Memorial Tower, UKZN
Looking from UKZN to Durban Harbour


“Flower” is what Eucona means in their language. I wanted to have a planet that was beautiful and extraordinary.

Bureau of Land Management

Field of Blue Flowers by Bonnie Moreland on
Houses in Cappadocia, Turkey by Zolakoma on
Fly Geyser by Ken Lund on

Champagne Valley

I have been to this part of the Drakensberg more than anywhere else in this wonderful Natural Heritage Site. The town of Serenity doesn’t exist, but Winterton does.

Champagne Castle, Monks Cowl and Cathkin Peak by tdwrsa on
Chris Bloom on
Champagne Castle by Garret Cunningham
The Sphinx in Monks Cowl Nature Reserve by Garret Cunningham